Nurse With Wound - Soliloquy For Lilith - 3CD

3 CD

1-1 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 1
1-2 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 2
1-3 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 3
2-1 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 4
2-2 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 5
2-3 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 6
3-1 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 7
3-2 Soliloquy For Lilith Part 8

Originally recorded and released in 1988, Nurse With Wound's ambient opus was years ahead of it's time, a ground-breaking set of atmospheric sound patterns designed for ritual ceremonies.

Hailed as a masterpiece on release, it soon became a firm favourite of NWW fans and topped the world ambient charts for over three months.

Originally a limited-edition three-album set housed in a handsome 12-inch gold and black foil embossed box set, this edition is a CD facsimile of the original vinyl set and contains the entire album plus 40 minutes of previously unreleased music from the original sessions.

This new edition has a red foil blocked cover - the music is identical to the original pressing.

3 CD set - red foil blocked box with printed inner sleeves.  
(** NOTE:  we did use the leftover World Serpent boxes as part of our initial 2005 gold foil release, so some will have UDX 092 as the catalogue number )